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Hey Y'All - BC's Own Hard Iced Tea Announces "Y'All Means All" Initiative

VANCOUVER, BC August 6th, 2020Hey Y’all!, BC’s own Hard Iced Tea brand, launches “Y’ALL MEANS ALL”, a donation campaign to champion diversity by supporting the causes that matter most to British Columbians.

This initiative puts the call out to British Columbians and Hey Y’all! fans everywhere, asking where to donate $10,000, towards the causes supporting diversity & inclusion that are most near and dear to them. More than just a donation, Hey Y’all! will promote the chosen charities through its social media channels, as a means to bring awareness to these very important causes.

The campaign was a joint effort between the Hey Y’all! Marketing and HR Departments, who have been listening and learning and actively seeking ways to support a diverse and inclusive community.

“Six weeks ago, world events challenged us to reflect upon our values and how we, as an employer and as individuals, can come together to support diversity & inclusion in the workplace and our ever changing world.” said Georgina Boyne, Hey Y’all!’s Director of Human Resources. “We are looking for ways that, in addition to having a diverse workforce, we could join the conversation and use the reach and appeal of Hey Y’all! Hard Iced Tea to amplify the message.”

Georgina Boyne and Janet Vouzas
Georgina Boyne-left_Janet Vouzas-right

“As a BC owned & operated company, we are so grateful for all of the support we have received over the years from our fellow British Columbians.” remarked Hey Y’all! Marketing Director, Janet Vouzas. “With the events of 2020, we knew we had to use not only our pocketbook, but also our voice to help champion a more diverse & inclusive society. We’re not sure where best to lend our support and energy to the community that has supported us - so we decided to ask! Visit us @heyyallicedtea to join the conversation to let us know where, how and who we can help!”

Launched in 2014, Hey Y’all! Southern Style Hard Iced Tea quickly grew to become BC’s favourite hard iced tea, selling more than 3 million 6-packs in BC last year and still growing strong in 2020! Lightly sweetened and non-carbonated, Hey Y’all! is known for real black tea refreshment!


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